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CUDA-lite: Reducing GPU Programming Complexity Abstract The computer industry has transitioned into multi-core andmany-core parallel systems. The CUDA programming environment fromNVIDIA is an attempt to make programming many-core GPUs moreaccessible to programmers. However, there are still many burdens placedupon the programmer to maximize performance when using CUDA. Onesuch burden is dealing with the complex memory hierarchy. Efficient andcorrect usage […]

FCUDA: Enabling Efficient Compilation of CUDA Kernels onto FPGAs Abstract As growing power dissipation and thermal effectsdisrupted the rising clock frequency trend and threatened toannul Moore’s law, the computing industry has switched its routeto higher performance through parallel processing. The rise ofmulti-core systems in all domains of computing has opened thedoor to heterogeneous multi-processors, where processors ofdifferent compute characteristics can be combined to […]