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GPU Acceleration of Cutoff Pair Potential for Molecular Modeling Applications Abstract The advent of systems biology requires the simulation of everlargerbiomolecular systems, demanding a commensurate growth incomputational power. This paper examines the use of the NVIDIATesla C870 graphics card programmed through the CUDA toolkitto accelerate the calculation of cutoff pair potentials, one of themost prevalent computations required by many different molecularmodeling applications. We present […]

Accelerating Monte Carlo Simulations with an NVIDIA Graphics Processor Abstract Modern graphics cards, commonly used in desktop computers, have evolved beyond asimple interface between processor and display to incorporate sophisticated calculationengines that can be applied to general purpose computing. The Monte Carlo algorithm formodelling photon transport in turbid media has been implemented on an NVIDIA®8800GT graphics card using the CUDA toolkit. The Monte […]